Christmas Surprise 2008 -English Conversation Circle on Tuesday, 9. December 2008

The motto of the evening during the December English conversation circle
was “Christmas Surprise”. 

As in the past, when Rose Schrempp adds onto the program “Christmas Surprise” — it is a “surprise” at its fullest. During conversation circles in October and November, Rose tried to encourage
DEF members who attended conversation circles, to make sure that they attend this special occasion. This year the “Christmas Surprise” was to be something quite different and most enjoyable. 

Roughly 30 DEF members and guests arrived for the evening. English tea was made ready in thermos cans for everyone by committee members, all that needed to be done by arriving members was to unpack brought Christmas cookies or cake that was set up at the tables for later enjoyment. Chairs were arranged in rows and in front of the room was a Theatre stage set-up. Puzzlement and surprise made its rounds. Rose began her greetings, mentioning upcoming events and then thereafter the “surprise” was lifted. 

Rose had invited to the Anne Frank Haus 19 Students, together with their teacher Gabi Schwöbel, plus theatre helpers from the Goethe Gymnasium, to perform an English
Play for our DEF members — “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens. 1 ½ hours of thorough enjoyment, watching, listening to the enthusiastic students of the Goethe Gymnasium giving a wonderful, enjoyable, perfect initiated, perfectly spoken, with lovely old English costumes that fitted perfectly into the story of “A Christmas Carol”. A praise to Ms. Schwöbel, for directing such a perfect play. The students enthusiasum and excitement was rewarded by rewarding applauses by DEF members and guests. 

After the performance Rose thanked Ms. Schwöbel for giving the DEF together with the students of the Goethe Gymnasium a wonderful evening. She praised the students for their wonderful performance and wished them all the best for their two further performances in the Goethe Gymnasium. The evening was a wonderful “Christmas Surprise” for everyone. To conclude the evening everyone sang in chorus “We wish you a Merry Christmas”. One can be excited what will come next year…