A new chapter of the DEF dawns

On the 27.06.2012 an extraordinary membership meeting took place in the Duerer-Saal of the Gastdozentenhaus at KIT Campus South.

This meeting, where 19 DEF-members took part, was mainly devoted to the amendments to the Articles of the Association and the new concept of the DEF.

I would like to thank you once again via this way for the unanimous election as the new Chairperson and the given trust in the new DEF structure, organization and aims.

I thank my former predecessors, whom in different functional ways voluntarily invested their time in an excellent manner, for the continuation of the DEF, to make sure that the DEF for many decades held its responsibilities towards the friendship between the twinning cities, but also in general , the English-speaking world.

Now challenges came upon us, which meant either the Club closed or principal changes had to occur. We all selected the last case and I wish ardently, that you support us in this new way. Rose Schrempp and Kurt Schweizer have offered their services to support me in everyday actions – they are doing this already!

What is the new route of the DEF – what program should continue?

I would like to say to begin with, what program parts I would like to keep going:

1. Furthermore, the connection between the DEF- NKFC, should be the main pillar of our work. For personal reasons, we would like the responsibility of its planning , organization and implementation of contacts and exchanges to be put on the personal shoulders of interested members. I would be available, if necessary , to take part – i.e. when there is an official function given by the city of Karlsruhe or social event.

2. The yearly, for the Karlsruhe public most popular, PANCAKE RACE should be continued. I would like the Karlsruhe Schools take over these responsibilities. Hereto , talks with the Stadtschulamt are underway.

3. The CHRISTIMAS CAROL SINGING in the Kleine Kirche will be taken over and continued by the Alt- und Mittelstadtgemeinde Karlsruhe.

4. The TWINNING STAND at the Karlsruhe Christmas Market will be run in future by the Piccadilly Shop in Heidelberg. The NKFC can share the Stand with the Piccadilly Shop at any time.

5. In order to get new impulses, the English Speaking “Stammtisch” will be passed over to other activities like the meet-up-group or other institutions and networks .

Now to the new changes:

1. We will not have any set membership structure nor will we collect membership fees.

2. The DEF will officially and only be represented by its chairperson. Accordingly, the Amendment to the Articles of the Association on 5.7.2012 in the Notariat Karlsruhe-Durlach were changed.

3. The main part of the internal and external communication of the DEF – its activities and offers – will consist of a DEF-Databank and its internet presentation portal. E-mail addresses will provide us with a quick, low costs electronic communication basis. Yet, those who do not have an e-mail address, and who will not have one in the future, but are still interested in what the DEF is doing and its events, will – after telephonic communications with us – receive the information via postal services.

4. The main Basis of the DEF-Databank will be offers in the English language, to where members and friends can offer their services in what characterizes Karlsruhe. These services can be obtained , only via the DEF Chairperson, from any English speaking visitor, new English speaking arrivals in Karlsruhe or just persons living in Karlsruhe.

For instance:

Guided tours through Karlsruhe (Jugendstil (Art Nouvea), Weinbrenner, Judentum (Judasim), Residenz des Rechts (Seat of Justice), Universities, Brunnen (Fountains) etc.)

Games und Sport offers (DART, Cricket, Bridge, etc.)

Seminar and Workshops to social, economic and cultural issues, which are of interest to visitors and guests.

In order to document these, we have designed a survey grid, that we will distribute in the next weeks, in order to win you and your friends into the DEF program. We will contact you via telephone and we are hoping for a positive resonance from you.

These contributions and offers and the various links to organizations, clubs and institutions can be made available to a wide range of Karlsruhes English speaking Community.

All this is new grounds for the DEF and will more than likely be characterized with a lot of optimism. We hope that we can reach and implement younger people via these ways, who wish to develop and present their English language skills.

Please support the DEF – communication, friendship and a peaceful coexistence can be supported in these ways.

Any suggestions and critical comments are welcome.

Joachim Klaus