Welcome to 2020

Dear members and friends of the DEF,

The new year has already left some traces – I would like to wish you all the best for 2020: good health and happiness, success and joy and for all of us a more peaceful world.

The past year was marked by two jubilees – 50 years of twinning between Nottingham and Karlsruhe and the 40th anniversary of the DEF.

We had very impressive events taking place in both cities. A positive sign is the development of new contacts –escpecially the promising exchange of the Carlton Male Voice Choir and the KIT-choir and symphony orchestra that finally came together after over 20 years. They gave great concerts in both cities!

The new year will experience an unpredictable challenge with the BREXIT. However, we are convinced, that this politcal tier will not jeopardise our existing friendship on an individual level, escpecially between the DEF and our twinning club in Nottingham, the NKFC.

In agreement with both city councils in Karlsruhe and Nottingham, I intend to visit some high schools in Nottingham in spring in order to revive the student’s and teacher’s interest in Karlsruhe and try to initiate new partnerships between the schools in both cities.

There will also be changes for the DEF this year. At the next AGM in March we have to contemplate, whether the club with its advancing age structure and lack of young people who might take over responsibilities, can still proceed with its objectives and obligations.

If it can, then the question will be in what way and with whom…

There is still a lot to do. May I count on your help?

With kind regards

Chairman of the DEF Karlsruhe

Yours Joachim Klaus