The future of DEF

Dear Members and friends of the DEF,

Surely the emerging discussions about the continuation of the German-English Friendship Club over the last few years has not escaped your attention.

This is mainly due to changes in recreational activities and the increasing globalization of interpersonal relationships via the internet, which deprive a club like the DEF with its activities, of its reason and purpose. The world, i.e. Europe has grown closer together in the last 30 years. One has become more mobile, and one no longer needs an institution to learn about other peoples and cultures. This is the reason why a club like ours finds it difficult to recruit new members. Our membership score has been decreasing as years go by. This is why the program was cut down to a few selected and more popular events. The rather high average age of our club also made it hard for us to find members who were willing to take over the continuation of the club and its activities.

With this background information, we have decided not to give up the DEF completely, but to continue it under a new DEF-Concept. One of the former DEF foundation members, Joachim Klaus, has agreed to be a candidate for the position of the new chairman and will be supported by a team of members and non-members.

What will the new DEF-Concept look like?

The usual program of the DEF ended on 31.12.2011 after which the Club will only be active on request and with volunteers within the framework of the objectives in the statutes. There will no longer be a program as in the past. Current members, as well as non-members who then may become members, will carry the future DEF-Concept. Different groups , e.g. individuals, who originate from the British and Anglo-american, are the target groups, to whom we intend to offer our services.

As of 2012 there will no longer be any membership fees. The committee, as mentioned before, will only consist of one member. Our DEF statutes will be changed accordingly. These changes will occur in two DEF Member meetings within the first 6 months of 2012.

One of the biggest problems of the DEF in the past was the distribution of work amongst only a few members. The construction of a DEF database is supposed to change this problem. This Database will list people and their skills, who are willing to offer their voluntary services to the Club as may be needed.

We would therefore like to ask you to be a part of this electronic Database. We will need your name and especially your interests and knowledge, also your contact details (e-mail, address, phone and/or fax). Your skills can pertain to both your work and private activities.


Name: Martin Muster

Interests/knowledge/skills address contact details
Guided tour for buildings of architectural interest in Karlsruhe Musterstrasse 9999999 Musterheim m.muster@t-online.defax 0721 99999

phone 0721 88888

Naturally, the English language is an important factor in order to convey your skills.

If you are willing to support us in this venture, please fill out the form called “Skills”, which you can find under ”Download other”!

This is of course all on a voluntary basis. When, in future “requests “ are sent to us, either directly or through the Committee via the DEF-Internet-Addresses, these “requests” will be assigned according to the Database “Listing of skills” and the appropriate contact person will be asked if he could take over the “request” – of course always with the support of the Committee.

If you wish to have your Data in the DEF-Database changed or deleted , this can be done at any time.

We ask you to please support this new DEF-Idea, it might even be exciting and fun for you to support the DEF –Concept with your own skills and knowledge and it may even offer you a chance to extend them.
We are also curious to find out if this new DEF-Concept can be implemented. The “Stadtamt” at the City Council House in Karlsruhe has offered us their support.

Best regards

Kurt Schweizer