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No more war

Dear members and friends of the DEF,

he had come back from England as a prisoner of war, he had worked in the countryside in Nottingham, he had made friends – Hajo Walter, founder and 1st chairman of the “Deutsch-Englischer Freundeskreis e.V.”.

His message:


Cultural intellectual and social ties were to create a new form of togetherness between the two countries – using the example of the twin cities Karlsruhe – Nottingham.

One year after the DEF was founded, three of us drove to Nottingham in a VW Beetle. In the town hall we handed over the statutes of the DEF, on “Radio Nottingham” we reported about our initiative, the local newspapers informed in detail.

One year later, our partner club “Nottingham-Karlsruhe Friendship Club” was founded.

Unfortunately, Hajo Walter died much too early – a pacifist and peace fighter.

Today there is war in Eastern Europe – it threatens Europe and the whole world.

Let us rise up with the means given to us against the Russian aggressor. Let us defend our democracy, let us stand by Ukraine.

Only peaceful coexistence can be our message.

Every war is a crime against humanity!

Joachim Klaus