History of DEF


Hajo Walter, who had been Prisoner of War in Nottingham, founded DEF in the then “Weißer Berg” at the Karlsruhe Ludwigsplatz on May 25th. Further founding members were Herta Bruks, Anneliese Hertel, Joachim Klaus, Dr. Ursula Ringelmann, Lothar Schmidt, Inge and Ernst Schubersky and Barbara Walter. One of DEF’s aims was to spread the news about the 10-year-old partnership of Nottingham and Karlsruhe among the citizens of both cities. In addition, the idea of a united Europe played an important part, which ended in a close partnership with the “Europa-Union” and other German-Foreign Societies. Above all, we have been participating each year in the activities of the “Europa-Union” with special contributions.

But we are not entitled to hunt for jobs in Nottingham.


Three members of the DEF-committee went to Nottingham in order to inform people about the twinning and the foundation of DEF.
For the first time we had our traditional Pancake Race on the Market Square. – Other traditions are our Christmas Carol Singing in the Kleine Kirche (Kaiserstraße), our series Movies in English – now taking place in the Karlsruhe-based LMZ, performances by English artists, our monthly Conversation Circle etc. There are annual visits both to Karlsruhe and Nottingham every other year. The members of both clubs visit each other for a week taking part in interesting programmes organized by the hosting club. The participants are put up privately (mutual obligation). There is a maximum of 40 persons taking part.


First 7-days’-visit of friendship to Nottingham organized by DEF. We proposed to found a similar society in Nottingham.


The “Nottingham-Karlsruhe Friendship Club” was founded in “Bell Inn” of Nottingham on September 1st. Our Christmas-Carol-Singing in the “Kleine Kirche” (Kaiserstraße) took place for the first time.


We were visited by our befriended club NKFC in Karlsruhe for the first time at Easter. Since then there have been annual visits on a mutual basis.


The City of Nottingham took part in the “Offerta” for the first time assisted by DEF and NKFC.


10th anniversary of DEF, together with our Nottingham friends at “Weiße Rose” in Oberreut. There was some pretty good entertainment – and a huge birthday-cake donated by our Nottingham friends.
Another taking part of the City of Nottingham in the “Offerta”, with the assistance of our friendship clubs.


Christa Fuß becomes successor to Hajo Walter as president.


Hajo Walter, founder and president of the DEF for many years, dies in January.
15th anniversary

DEF can celebrate its 15th anniversary in the Karlsburg at Durlach on June 16th.
The founding members were honoured with a certificate by the president and the vice-president. The Scottish Dancers and the DEF-Singers contributed to the success of the anniversary.

DEF had proposed to name the tiny park between Kaiserallee and Sophienstraße after our sister city Nottingham, which was put into practice when celebrating the 25th anniversary of the twinning. DEF was (among others) responsible for the design of the celebration. Each leading member of the committee was donated a reward as acknowledgement of their merits for the twinning.


Alma Shipman, the Nottingham president, was awarded the “Citizen of Honour Awarde” by the City of Nottingham for her merits in the twinning with Karlsruhe.


DEF’s 20th anniversary in the Karlsburg of Durlach. We celebrated together with our Nottingham friends, prominent politicians, outstanding artists and last but not least with our members.


Wow! – Our twinned city is taking part in the Karlsruhe Christmas Market for the fourth time, from 3rd to 7th of December. The design and monitoring of the stall is now up to the friendship clubs, and we will at the mentioned time be supported by some members of the NKFC. Among them will be president Alma Shipman – and the Sheriff of Nottingham! It is Councillor John Hartshorne this year, who will be visiting Karlsruhe from 6th to 7th of December.


Rose Schrempp takes over the position of 1st chairwoman.


Kurt Schweizer takes over the position of 1st chairman.


Joachim Klaus, one of the founding members, takes over the chairmanship.